Benefits for public administration using smart poles:

  • Energy Savings: Smart poles can adjust light intensity, reducing energy consumption.
  • Integrated Monitoring Systems: Enhancing safety through visual surveillance.
  • Environmental Data Collection: Information about air quality, noise, or traffic flow.
  • Rapid Communication with Residents: Ability to inform about events or threats.
  • Integration with Urban Infrastructure: Collaboration with public transport, parking systems, etc.
  • Support for Electric Vehicles: Charging points.
  • Efficiency in Management: Rapid problem diagnosis and repair, remote control capabilities.
  • Aesthetics: Modern design, combining multiple functions in one device.
  • Cost Reduction: Savings related to better energy and infrastructure management.
  • Modularity and Flexibility: Possibility of expansion and function customization.

Benefits for residents:

  • Safety: Enhanced urban area monitoring and faster response to threats.
  • Clean Environment: Monitoring air quality and actions for its improvement.
  • Communication: Information about events, traffic changes, or dangers.
  • Support for Electric Vehicles: Easily accessible charging points.
  • Time-saving: Information on available parking spots or transport delays.
  • Aesthetics: Better urban space organization, less infrastructural “clutter”.
  • Access to New Technologies: Urban Wi-Fi, USB chargers, or interactive information panels.
  • Improved Quality of Life: Better lighting, rest areas with benches and greenery.
  • Interaction with Infrastructure: Ability to report faults or other issues directly through the poles.
  • Promoting Eco-friendly Lifestyle: Through the promotion of electric vehicles, air quality information, etc.
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Smart poles are an innovative solution that brings benefits both to public administration and residents.