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Welcome to Zerosite®, the leading provider of smart pole solutions designed to revolutionize cities worldwide. Our cutting-edge technology combines various innovations to enhance efficiency, sustainability, and the overall quality of life. With our smart poles, we meet the stringent requirements set by mobile operators for base stations, ensuring optimal antenna suspension at heights ranging from 12 to 30 meters.

Discover the Power of Zerosite® Smart Poles

Our smart poles offer an array of advanced features and capabilities. Equipped with integrated sensors, cameras, Wi-Fi, and other intelligent devices, they enable seamless data collection and provide a wide range of essential services. These services include but are not limited to lighting optimization, traffic monitoring, environmental surveillance, public safety enhancements, and dynamic digital signage.

Change your city and create a Smart City.

Explore our comprehensive lineup of Zerosite® solutions and witness firsthand how they can drive positive change in your city. From reducing energy consumption to optimizing traffic flow, our smart poles offer endless possibilities for enhancing urban living. Experience the future of smart infrastructure with Zerosite® today!

Build a Base Station Anywhere You Desire with ZeroSite® Concealment Solutions

ZeroSite® concealment solutions offer unparalleled support for the deployment of cutting-edge telecom architecture, allowing it to seamlessly blend into its surroundings.

Experience the convenience of swift and effortless base station construction. With ZeroSite®, building new base stations has never been easier. Reach out to us today and discover how our solutions can facilitate the expansion of your mobile network.

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30 meters

Our structure has been designed up to a maximum height of h = 30 meters for the 1st and 2nd wind zones.

3 sector antennas

The upper head is able to accommodate 3 full-size sector antennas, 3 5G panel antennas and up to 12 RRU.

up to 12 RRU

3, 6, 9, 12 RRU near the antennas without the use of long antenna cables is not a problem.

Equipment for cities

ZeroSite® allows you to solve many problems of cities and mobile network operators around the world,

The finished foundation

The structure has been designed in such a way that there is no need to perform any heavy work on the installation site.

12 hours

All elements of the structure reach the construction site in one transport and the construction time has been shortened to 12 hours.

ZeroSite is:

  • Complete solution for 3G,  4G  and 5G 
  • The maximum height of the antenna space is 30 meters
  • Masking materials made of plastic with a very low degree of attenuation
  • Active cooling available
  • Various colors available to blend in with the surroundings
  • Finish to customer color specification
  • Integrated cabinet for active devices
  • The possibility of using the structure by 2 operators thanks to the antenna sharing 

ZeroSite you configure the way you want!

Light marker

The marker can feature lighting to create unique ambiances, delimit specific areas within a city, or even strobe when emergency button is activated.

4G / 5G Ready

Be ready for the next major deployment in mobile broadband with LampSite’s seamlessly integration of 4G / 5G infrastructure right in the Smart Pole.


Offer maximum safety and monitor what’s happening in your city with our smart city surveillance cameras and live video feeds.

Multi-charging station

Maximum convenience! This multi-charging station features a power supply, USB port and robust ledge to charge a variety of different devices.

Remote lighting control

Achieve substantial energy savings by programming your streetlights to dim or brighten, depending upon the time of day and year, level of vehicle and foot traffic, and a wide range of other parameters..

EV Charging Point

ChargePoint brings electric vehicle (EV) charging to more people and places than ever before with the world’s largest and most open EV charging network. We design, build and support all of the technology.

Environmental Sensors

Enviromental Sensors provide Air Quality Index, Temperature, CO, CO2, O3, PM 2.5, PM 10, NO2, Lux, UV, Noise Levels and other parameters for continuous tracking of your city’s environment.

Electronic information sign

Ditch the traditional and unsightly parking signs. Make the switch to electronic parking signs that can be remotely configured and changed on demand to reflect your city’s regulations.

Digital display

Provide practical or emergency information to people thanks to high-resolution digital displays. Leverage these displays with local, national and international advertizers for additional revenue streams.

Unique pole

ALGO Smart Pole integrates an array of technologies and devices that the next generation of urban dwellers and city visitors want—all while keeping a clean, homogenous look. It’s the easiest lighting solution for smart city deployments.

Wi-Fi hotspot

Offer stellar coverage on private or public networks for workers, students, travellers and the general public while they are on the go.

Emergency button

Ensure safety and security with an easy-to-use, difficult-to-tamper-with emergency button. Thanks to its use, the safety in the area will be significantly improved.

1 site to 2 MNO

The possibility of using the structure ZeroSite by 2 operators thanks to the antenna sharing and extra space for wardrobes

antenna sharing

5G panel antennas

In addition to 3 sector antennas, we have planned space for the installation of 3 panel antennas integrated with RRU