Cabinet masking

Considering the ideal TP well for your project? Here’s why our well with an elevator is the perfect choice:

  • Easy Access for Service: Designed with service teams in mind, our well with an elevator ensures easy access to devices when it’s most crucial.
  • Ideal for Architecturally Restricted Locations: Due to its design, it’s perfect for installation in places with special requirements, such as historical sites, squares, or pedestrian zones.
  • Safety and Protection: Our well minimizes the risk of damages associated with acts of vandalism or collisions.
  • Protection Against Weather Conditions: With its enclosed structure, devices inside are protected from rain, snow, and extreme temperatures.
  • Quick and Simple Installation: With its segmented construction, installation is fast and straightforward, saving your valuable time.
  • High-Quality POLIPIT Material:
    – 100% frost-resistant.
    – Resistant to chemicals and aggressive agents.
    – Fully recyclable, ensuring environmental care.
  • Customized to Your Needs: We tailor the size of the well and the elevator mechanism to the dimensions of the cabinets you plan to hide underground.

By choosing our TP well with an elevator, you invest in functionality, durability, and aesthetics. Contact us to learn more!